Fascinated by Jess Michaels


5 star review!

To be honest in my review, Jess Michaels is on my top ten list of historical romance authors. I was thrilled to see that she had a new story out regardless if it was in the form of a novella. When I found out it was also a continuation of my beloved Woodley series I was ecstatic. I will say I  was hesitant with her taking on a M/M romance for the first time but I should have known she would not only meet, but exceed my expectations. To have Aaron Condit back from Letty and Jack’s love story was icing on the cake!

A house party brings Letty’s brother, Griffin Merrick, into close proximity to the object of his secret desire, Aaron Condit. It doesn’t take long for a spark to turn to a flame between the two but they both have fears and worries that hold them back from love. Letty is as perfect as she was in her story, Seduced (Wicked Woodley #5), and plays a pivotal role in breaking down the barriers Aaron and Griffin have built up that keep them from finding happiness.

While this is a stand alone book, if you follow it after the Wicked Woolsey series it reads like a novel rather than a novella.  I am clearly impressed and look forward to any new storylines this author takes on.


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