Netgalley Reviews

Wicked in His Arms


By Stacy Reid

Lady Olivia Sherwood does not want any part of the Ton or marriage. She is content living with her ailing stepfather and her mother. Circumstances force her to the home of Tobias Walcott, the Earl of Blade, to seek decorum lessons from his mother. Tobias (Blade) sees her lacking social graces in every area but he is still drawn to her.  When they end up trapped in a closet at a house party, honor demands they wed. Tobias holds her at a distance while he fights off feeling passion that led to such heartache growing up.

In this, and past novels by this author, she does a wonderful job writing a heroine who is the perfect combination of strength and vulnerability. The heros tend to add the angst which I love. In this story there came a point where I hated Tobias for shutting down Livvy’s feelings but he did redeem himself and then some. I loved this story because of the perfect mix of angst and salvation between the Earl and his Countess.


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