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March 2017 Netgalley Reviews

3.75 stars go to this fourth book in the Untouchables series. West, the Duke of Clare, was a surprisingly sensitive and kind character despite his practice of helping married women seek pleasure in the bedroom. I had too hard of time believing this to be such a act of kindness by the Duke that couples sought him out for his services (especially for the time period). Because I held back in the beginning due to this storyline, I was slower to warm up to West and Ivy as a couple even though I liked them together. Ivy Breckinridge had such a sad story and while West was wonderful, Ivy seemed to fall in lust faster than her character was likely too. Despite all that, by the end I was excited to see how things worked out. I do wish the ‘villains’ suffered quite a bit more, especially for Ivy’s sake. The ending conversation between the couple was sweet.


4 star review

Too many mysterious accidents have occurred for Alexander Savage, the Duke of Blackshire, not to realize his life is in danger.  His biggest concern is protecting the his grandmother, the one woman who helped him survive a fire as child. Only one thing stands in the way and that is his grandmother’s companion, Miss Elizabeth Lacey (dubbed the Wilting Wallflower).  She doesn’t understand why the Duke seeks to exile his grandmother to the countryside, but if Alex expects her help she has three wishes he must grant. This proposal might be making more than a few dreams come true.

A delightful follow-up to Anna Bennett’s debut novel. Again there is a perfect combination of romance and humor.  Alex and Beth quickly learn that neither is what rumors make them out to be. It was refreshing that the story didn’t rely on simple misunderstandings or lack of communication to further the plot.  While the mystery surprised me, it was the simple act of Alex and Beth presenting oneself to the other without the labels they hid behind, that I found beyond charming.  I can’t wait for Julia’s turn at true love.


4 1/2 star review

Abigail Price is enamored with Graeme Parr, Earl of Montclair. She is quietly is pleased with the match her father made for her. While she is aware Graeme is marrying her for financial gain, she does not know Graeme is being blackmailed by her father or that he is in love with someone else. Abigail is thus taken for surprise at the teardown she receives from her husband on her wedding night. She licks her wounds for 10 years back in America and becomes a force to be reckoned with when she returns to London.
To avoid scandal they are civil to one another but Abigail’ s desire for a child rachetes up the tension and desire between the two. Add a mystery with threats to the mix and Abigail and Graeme will either grow closer or be driven apart by all the obstacles they face.

There was a lot going on in this novel. I was worried the setup would take so long that there would little time for the romance or mystery. Candace Camp did a wonderful job with the set up in the prologue that you really understood the characters and where eager to find out how they would  work their differences out.

Abigail transformed in her years away both inwardly and outwardly. Graeme did little growing up during that time and Abigail improved who he was as a person.  I loved this story and thought the epilogue was beyond sweet.

cover105327-medium 5 star review

Sebastian Carlisle, the Duke of Trent, has turned from his rakish ways after the tragic death of his father. He takes his new title seriously but even he can’t deny the temptation of a masked seductress in his bedroom.

Miranda Hodgkins is desperate, she realizes the love of her life, Robert Carlisle, is planning to court another woman.  Miranda resorts to drastic measures and sneaks into his bedroom hoping he sees her as more than just a childhood friend. The only problem is that she sneaks into the wrong brother’s room.  The mistake isn’t discovered until Sebastian and Miranda share a steamy kiss and then some.

To make the awkward situation better, Sebastian agrees to help  Miranda win Robert’s heart if she helps him find a suitable bride worthy of being a dutchess (which is the furthest thing from Miranda).

As the London season progresses, so does the opportunities for Sebastian and Miranda to grow closer but is it close enough to overcome so many barriers between them?

I loved this new series by Anna Harrington. It might have helped that the friends-to-lovers storylines is my all time favorite. This one didn’t disappoint even when I wanted to reach through the pages and wring Sebastian’s stiff neck! Miranda was the perfect heroine.  She was a ball of energy with a zest for life and a great sense of humor. She was the perfect counterbalance to bring back the once carefree Sebastian.

I look forward to more from this Carlisle family!


3 star review

Malcolm McKenna is a widowed husband raising a precocious daughter. To add to his already full plate, a bounty has been placed on his head for compromising a daughter of a rival clan. The claim is false but to clear it he has to meet with the heads of the other Highland families.  There he meets up, once again, with Lady Joan Armstong Fraser who was cast aside by her abusive husband. She now lives with her young son and her Father (and not necessarily welcome by him).

Malcolm sees Joan needs rescuing and takes as chance that there is more to her than the cold heart she presents to the world. Joan is not inclined to trust, but Malcolm is determined to prove himself worthy.

This was better than the first in the series buy it did have a similar downfall; the hero is so well written and noble but the heroine fails to see or appreciate it until almost the end of the book.  I wish their was more outer expression given by Joan as soon as she saw the exemplary quality traits Malcolm possessed. The epilogue helped but I still needed more earlier in the story.


5 star review!

I feel like I am cheating on my first love when I say that this series already has the possibility of topping the Notorious Flynn’s by Jess Michaels. Just saying that has me drowning in guilt!

This series starts off with James, the Duke of Abernathe, and founding member of the 1797 Club (actually he was the reason it was formed). I must insert that all of the members are Dukes (or will be) which  has me currently doing a happy dance. The opening scene between James and his father, is very telling of why he never wanted to marry, a key in this story.

Years later add to the mix, Miss Emma Liston, who shows such kindness and compassion towards James’ sister, Meg, that the two women become immediate friends. Emma is intimidated by Meg’s brother, “The Golden Boy”, especially as she has a horrible father who is close to sealing her fate as a wallflower or worse, wife or mistress of his choosing.

Somehow the two kindred spirits find a way to help each other out by pretending to court. It is not long before barriers are broken down and feelings develop. When Emma’s disgrace of a father returns, James must decide quickly how to save her and Emma must figure out that she is worthy of being saved.

I just loved this and I have to reiterate, from other reviews I have done on Jess Michaels books, that she somehow keeps you so engaged on the couple at hand and yet adds has you eagerly anticipating the next book by incorporating those characters into the storyline. I can’t wait for more!


2 star rating

To gain custody of his nephew, Lord Maxfeld must find a wife (or pretend to). With ammunitIon to blackmail, Max coerces Lady Phoebe Land on. She just might have a few tricks up her sleeve as well.

The premise seemed promising until it not only involved blackmail but every other romance trope known to man. If any of the added plot devices was fully wrapped up during the story I might have had an easier time with this book. I kept thinking this has everything but the kitchen sink thrown in. With some Spring cleaning this could be good.


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