Netgalley Reviews

May 2017 Netgalley Reviews

3 star review 

Margaret Rylon has been in love with certain Duke since she was 16 years old. Unfortunately it is not the Duke she happens to be engaged to.  Simon Greene, Duke of Crestwood is the man of her dreams but he has stepped aside because her brother arranged a match with his best friend, Graham, Duke of Northfield. 

Ready to leave town to avoid witnessing the nuptials, Simon can’t resist following Meg one last time as she seeks time alone. This leads to being trapped alone together overnight during a storm. As scandal erupts, Simon offers for Meg.  He now gets the woman he loves but loses a friend and his reputation in the process.

Meg and Simon have plenty of chemistry going for them but Simon’s guilt eats away at what should be a fortunate turn of events . Will he finally fight for Meg before losing her all over again?

Jess Michiels is one of my favorite authors but not every book is going to be a hit. This was good but for me Simon was a bit too much of a pushover for my liking.  As always, she sets up the next book in the series wonderfully so I will definitely won’t hesitate to pick up Graham’s story.

2 star review 

Cade Cavendish is a devilish man of mystery and so called black sheep of his family. While staying with his brother Rafe and sister-in law, Daphne, he is introduced to Daphne’s lady’s maid, Danielle LaCrosse. 

Danielle is pulled in by the handsome Cade and a flirtation quickly begins between the two. It doesn’t go to much further as they are both hiding truths from one another, one of which has to do with the mysterious Pirate, the Black Fox.

The story relied so much on the secret nature of Cade and Danielle that I never felt that I got full answers on their lives. Danielle’s family turmoil was never fully explained and Cade’s search for revenge for his brother was emotionless.
They may have felt an attraction for each other but until the final page I never believed it was more than that. The story was so much about how independent Cade and Danielle were that their connection never developed.

2 star review
This book seemed to go in circles with no clear direction which is so unlike this author. It was so stagnant with no depth of feelings between James and Cynthia (Sin). At one point Sin recalled the entire story to her friend Jasmine. It was actually a cliff note version of the previous 70% of the book. I kept waiting for ‘something’ to turn the tide but that ‘something’ never materialized.

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