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July 2017 Netgalley Reviews

2 star review
Lady Kate Whelan married at a young age to a carefree charmer. Her marriage included meeting Evan Rhys, her husband’s best friend. Over the years Kate enjoyed having Rhys to laugh with and talk to. Evan felt the same although he also loved Kate from the moment they met. He hated that his best friend was a gambler and cheat when he should have realized he had a jewel.
Two years after her husband’s death and being separated from Evan, Kate initiates contact with him and he can’t help but fall in love all over again. He decides to accompany her on her way home to solve a mystery of his own. Along the way friends see if they can also be lovers.
I really liked Evan. I wish more time would have been spent on his grey moods. It was so interesting to see him as so adored by others but still suffer from emptiness. I also liked Kate but I wish I learned more about her as a mother rather than the focus of horse racing.
A good book but could have been so much more with a few more details.

2 1/2 stars
Four years ago, Alex, a second son, quickly fell Lady Patience at a house party. Unbeknownst to either of them was that she was to be betrothed to his brother, the heir. Alex left his family’s estate for the military the night of the announcement and only returned when the title passed to him. and joined the military.
Patience believed Alex would come back for her until years passed by. She still managed to avoid marriage but suffered for it. She is not the same girl Alex returns to but he is not the same boy either. Can they find what the once had or make something better?
From the first chapter I thought I would be enraptured by this story. While it was good the detail of what each person was feeling didn’t carry through the main part of the story. I never felt Alex really empathized with what Patience endured. Yes, he was mad at her father but did he realize her treatment lasted 4 years? Was he proud of her for fighting for them when he just left?
I’m glad they matured but they still needed to capture back a bit of their youthful love.

4 1/2 stars

Chloe Somerton is the youngest of three daughters all of whom who needed to fight to survive after their father abandoned them after being found to be an art forger. Even her sisters do not know she helped them financially during that difficult time by pickpocketing.
One person who does know is Michael Keswick, the Duke of Cameron, who recognizes her from her past. Michael attempts to dissuade the boy he has taken under his wing from falling for her beauty and charm but what happens when he falls under her spell?
I loved this entire series and this book did not disappoint in the least. Chloe and Michael were the perfect pair and the most enjoyable part was how quickly they saw through each other’s facade. They saw the best in one another and it made for such a heartwarming love story. Perfectly charming!

3 star review

Jean Donet sails the sea as a smuggler, after being disowned for a woman his father considered beneath him. Jean, much to his dismay, becomes the comte de Saintonge, after his brother and father die.
Lady Joanna West has a secret life of her own and leads a smuggling group. This is where she meets Jean.
Jean recognizes Joanna and is smitten despite his vow never to love again. When a smuggling venture goes wrong and they are forced in close proximity, will Jean change his mind and heart?
Surprisingly I enjoyed the history aspect of this book more than the romance. Walker did a great job of setting the scene of the goings on of England, France and the future United States. So much time was spent on this build up that the romance was lost along-the-way but still an good reads for all the parts combined.

4 1/2 star review

Master of disguise, Dell Turner can escape the notice of even his closest acquaintances. Until Portia Chadwick seeks the help from the notorious man known as Nightshade to find her kidnapped sister.

Portia is a woman who speaks her mind and she doesn’t mind letting Dell know she is smitten with him. She is determined to help in in his work and being that no disguise can trick her, she doesn’t allow him to give her the slip.

I loved this book! This was not so much opposites attract, but rather each individual complimenting the others strength perfectly. I don’t know which character I loved more, Portia for being outspoken, honest and bold or Dell for his calm, decisiveness and secretive care for those he cares for.

Amy Sandas does it again!

2 star review

Fallon St. James, head of the secretive Spare Heirs Society, is on the hunt for a former member turned killer. His focus has and always will be on protecting his fellow members and seeing justice done. One problem to his well ordered life when he meets Lady Isabelle Fairlyn.

Isabelle is in love with a man who becomes betrothed to her twin sister. She must move on and she has a list of attributes she is looking for, none of which seem to match her new friend, Fallon St. James.

A mystery draws the two together but will his secrets destroy what could be a perfect match?

Once this story was more than half way over it became very interesting but I am surprised I made it though the long and drawn out build up. Too much time was spent on Isabelle being attracted to another man. It made me feel like she was just fickle  in falling in love and it took well until the ending to make me believe she really knew what true love was. I enjoyed the hero, Fallon, but at times he seemed too mature to be a good match for Isabelle.

4 star review

Alexander Bracken, Duke of Bedford, escaped captivity from a Turkish pirate years ago. His demons from those days never leave him and the only brightness he can ever recall is the time he rescued Lady Hestia Cary from a similar fate.

Hestia has had hero worship since the day she was saved by Alex and over the years she fell deeply in love with him. He feels he must shelter her from his darkness and shuns her from his life. Fate however intercedes and they are forced to travel back to his nightmares in order to  rescue Hestia’s father and to keep her safe from an opportunistic cousin. For Alex, he seeks revenge against the man at the root of his nightmares. Will the time aboard Alex’s ship be enough for Hestia to heal him from feeling he is undeserving of love?

This was not a your typical romance novel. There was so much darkness and pain throughout. Death lurked around every corner, torture abounded and addiction played a central piece to the story.  I had no idea how the author would bring any light into such travesties that continually plagued the hero and heroine, but she did.

It was a gripping story and my one complaint was Hestia’s father getting off easy after how he ignored his daughter and kept her always at risk from harm. He should have kissed Alex’s feet for all the times he kept Hestia safe instead of being an obstacle in their relationship.

A different but wonderful romantic read!

2 1/2 star review

A mathematical minded but socially awkward Lady Daphne Forsyth catches the eye of Dalton Beauchamp, the Duke of Maitland, who has a charming and carefree way about him. A good portion of their story began in the previous novel but continues with an added element of a murder mystery over the Cameron Cipher, which once solved could lead to great riches. Together Dalton and Daphne combine their talents to solve all the developing mysteries while forming a lasting attachment to one another.

I was interested in this couple since their introduction in the previous book of the series. When the murder and puzzle was added to the story it suddenly seemed to go into several different directions and the romance took a back burner to a less than compelling mystery.  The best parts of the story were when Dalton could sense Daphne’s social unease or when Daphne reflected on her struggles with her interactions with others. That part of the story made it real and endearing but the other elements added in made it seem disjointed.  A great couple but less than stellar mystery.



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