January 2017 Reviews

My Highland Rebel (Highland Trouble #2) by Amanda Forester

2 star review

I am hoping this was a very rough draft because there were numerous grammatical errors, awkward transitioning and other basic errors. This really affected my ability to enjoy the story of Jyne and Cormac. If I could overlook the issues mentioned I think I would have enjoyed the comedy of Cormac having to play so many different roles while keeping his story straight of hero/villian. His attempts to hide the fact that he was Red Rex’ s son reminded me of Captain Jack Sparrow’ s antics in Pirates of the Carribean. If the entire premise wasn’t clearly meant to be comical I would have felt the conclusion to be cheesy but it did fit with the over-the-top storyline.

Waiting for an Earl Like You (Masters in Seduction #3) by Alexandra Hawkins

5 star review

The third installment in the Masters of Seduction series was an excellent story that has me eager for more to come.  The focus in Waiting for an Earl Like You is Justin Reeve Netherwood, known as Thorn, the Earl of Kempthorn who has a love hate feeling for his twin brothers childhood best friend, Miss Olivia Lydall. As the story develops it becomes clear Thorn is masking tender feelings he has held for Olivia from a young age. He hides them even more by pretending to be his twin in order to be close to her. The only part in this type of trope I don’t like is when it takes so long for the other person to realize which twin they are falling for but at the same time seeing foes falling into love leads to fun throughout the story. I wish the declaration of when Thorn’s feelings truly began for the feisty yet adorable, Olivia, started much sooner than it did as by waiting so long I missed out on how he was really suffering seeing Olivia leave him out in favor of his brother, Gideon. There was no epilogue but I am sure I will see these two again in the next book, which I am eagerly anticipating. I do wonder why Lord Norgrave had any redeeming qualities in this story as I have wanted him to suffer since book one in the series but I still love the premise being set up for all these other characters to come.