Novella Reviews

I decided to devote a page entirely to novellas. These are so hard to rate as, although they may be well written, they are hard to compare to a full length novel. A short story with a 5 star rating is hardly the same to the equivalent in a longer version.

I often read reviews and a telltale sign of a good novella is when a reference such as “I wish the author wrote a novel for these characters”. I have read a few myself like this and also those in which I say “why waste one’s time even writing this”.

I can say that Julia Quinn and Tessa Dare are my typical 5 star novella authors. I can suspend belief in the speed of the development of a romantic connection with the caliber of writing talent these authors have. There are a few more of these but I will use this blog to find those jewels.

I hope to develop a clear rating standard but the main basis is:

1) Would I have loved a full length story, and

2) Am I happy with the outcome despite the shorter length and feel it was complete.

I hope this is helpful to all you historical romance readers!